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The shortbread cookies won’t get you. It’s what you THINK about the shortbread cookies that can turn holiday eating from festive to fearful. It’s easy to slip into Full Catastrophe Thinking over the holidays when food is aplenty!

I know what turning a couple extra cookies into a major catastrophe can do – it can turn to 20 in the blink of an eye (or passing of a fear-based thought).

I’d have more than I felt good about, maybe having four instead of two. Fear of gaining weight, shame over losing control and plans for depriving myself to “make up for” it were instant. The stress and disappointment were huge and impacted the quality of my life and holiday for sure.

Holiday and Social Eating

I nodded politely but my mind was on diet math and fantasizing about 5 minutes alone with the butter tarts. Famished, my control slipping I would start to question my strategy of “saving all my points and calories today” to offset holiday drinks and dinner. On paper it should work but it never did.

Where there’s food there’s fun! Really? That’s not how I felt when I was trapped on the diet rollercoaster. I was terrified of gaining any weight and didn’t feel I could “control” mysefl. Where there was food there was fear. Sugary, fatty forbidden foods I dreamed of… everywhere.