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I can help you take charge of your eating so you can stop dieting. Manage your weight naturally through mindful eating and create the life you crave with personal health and wellness coaching for a 360 approach. Optimize your diet so you can stop thinking about food or join a workshop to connect with others who understand. Choose your path to food peace and freedom from dieting.



Personal Coaching for Change – nourish your body and your life.

Why is this process life-changing and how does it create lasting change in your eating? Why choose personalized health and wellness coaching combined with mindful eating over programs and books?

Because eating is only one part of your well-being. We’ll bring balance back to your whole self, where eating in a way that satisfies all of you is just a natural part of your self care.

We’ll explore not only the “how” and “why” you eat, but the question of what really nourishes you. Find the shortest path to food peace and freedom by learning mindful eating in a personalized way.

Don’t waste another dime or minute dieting and depriving yourself. Free up that time and energy to find out what really feeds you and do the things that really matter to you.

Clients speak about Lisa Kehler - Testimonials

“I’m not focusing on weight so much as being happy with myself and doing things I enjoy instead of eating.” -K.W. // Client

Small, achievable steps will add up to big change.
  • Eat what you love again, without fear and guilt
  • Take charge of your eating-end emotional eating
  • Reconnect with your body wisdom to manage your weight
  • Move in ways you love and do other things that “light you up”
  • Achieve other wellness goals like meditation, mindfulness, sleep, stress, joy, purpose, connection, relationships, self-care and whatever is important to you
Package Price: $495.00 CAD (save $50.00)

90 min Discovery session, 3 x 60 min Follow up sessions, Email support, Exclusive website tools

Single Sessions Available: 60 minute session: $120.00 CAD

Nutrition/diet counselling by a Registered Dietitian may be covered under your extended benefits plan.

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Calm Chaotic Eating

Calm Chaotic Eating

Take Charge of Your Eating and Nutrition

GENTLE, SIMPLE & MINDFUL EATING/NUTRITION – We’re talking broad strokes here.

Trying to eat without a diet plan and feeling overwhelmed and hungry all the time? Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full. Sounds easy but I know that’s not always the case after dieting for years.

Intense cravings, not eating enough, too much time between meals and eating often to prevent hunger can lead to what you’re trying to prevent – binging or an urge to eat all the time.

Healthy eating, balancing pleasure and nourishment that optimizes satisfaction between meals will end chaotic eating.

Regain trust in your body and yourself for the confidence you need to really embrace mindful and intuitive eating.

It’s not about willpower. Experience what it’s like to work with your body, not against, so you can quit dieting and thinking about food all the time. You’ve got better things to do!!!

Clients speak about Lisa Kehler - Testimonials

“Truly, my life and feelings around food, now have a fresh positive place in my inner psyche. Diets are archaic, Mindful eating is forever.” -M.C. // Client

What if you didn’t have to think about food all day?

Package Price: $275.00 CAD (save $25.00)*

60 min Initial Consultation, 2 x 45 min Follow up sessions, Email support, Exclusive website tools

Single Sessions Available: 60 minute session: $120.00 CAD

Nutrition/diet counselling by a Registered Dietitian may be covered under your extended benefits plan.

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OFF YOUR PLATE in 8 weeks

OFF YOUR PLATE in 8 weeks

8 Week Workshop Series – Eat mindfully. Live Vibrantly

DELIVERY: Webinar, Teleseminar, Live (See below for dates)
8-Week Program Includes:
  • Eight 75 min live, interactive workshops
  • Exclusive website resources and tools
  • Support materials for free download

STOP DIETING FOR GOOD! We’re talking transforming your relationship to food, your body and moving. Some of the topics we’ll explore:

  • Taking charge of eating versus controlling eating
  • Why yo-yo dieting doesn’t work
  • Breaking the eat/repent/eat again cycle
  • Mindful eating cycle (6 eating decisions points to dieting freedom)
  • Hunger/fullness cues, body trust
  • Moving for joy and health, not calories
  • Change your thinking change your choices
  • Stop eating your emotions
  • Balance nutrition and pleasure
  • Eat to feel better after: body, mind and spirit

Look forward to connecting with other women, practicing tools between workshops and reflecting on your weekly experiences in our time together. This is 8 precious weeks of self-care that will support you and your eating for a lifetime.

Clients speak about Lisa Kehler - Testimonials

“This becomes an intuitive, life balancing way to healthfully nourish our body, mind and ultimately spirit. Lisa is a master at this delicate art.” -M.C. // Client

Life happens! It’s okay if you can’t attend all 8 classes or do all the suggested readings/exercises. Do what you can. It’s all good!

8 Week Workshop Price: $350.00 CAD*

*You’ll need to purchase a resource – available in book, kindle and audiobook version for approx $10-25.00 CAD depending on format

Maximize your workshop experience. Bring your vision and goals into focus with a personalized coaching booster session.

60 Min Coaching Boosters: $100.00 CAD each (Save $20.00)

**This entire program can be offered one on one via coaching

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