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NOURISH Love food. Live Life. Have Fun.

Lisa Kehler PhilosophyHas food and dieting taken over your life? There’s another way. Stop counting points and get back to doing the things that really matter to you. You deserve so much more than another diet

Mindful Eating Powered by Health and Wellness Coaching.

Where do you eat from?

Mindful eating is; nourishing yourself with awareness, eating from a joyful and curious place and with the intention of feeling better, not worse after you eat. Master a structured way for making food decisions that put YOU back in charge of your eating – not a diet.

Learn to eat the food you love again without guilt and fear. When you experience eating from a place of self-love and self-compassion chronic overeating just won’t make sense to you anymore. Read more about mindful eating.

From where do you live?

Are you taking care of yourself as a whole person? Overwhelmed by health goals sitting on the backburner? Do you wake up thinking about supper? Is your biggest joy for the day the points you’ve saved up for cheesecake?

Once you nourish yourself again and aren’t thinking about food all the time… life opens up with bright possibilities.

Health coaching guides you in using that newfound time and energy to create your optimal vision for total well-being. Being well holistically includes things like connection with others, purpose, motivation, spirituality, sleep, moving, physical health, etc.

You’ll create a vision for a life that honours your total well-being, lights you up and gives you a map to get there. This self-care is the foundation care will keep you in charge of your eating and support self care with food. More about Health Coaching.

You know it’s not just about food. And that’s why I coach for more than a new pant size.

Let’s build your mindful eating toolbox and create a plan that gets you off your plate and into your life. I did it and know you can too. Let’s get started now, contact me.

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Clients speak about Lisa Kehler - Testimonials

“I feel like we poked around the remnants of an old smoking fire and found a small ember. I thought my fire was dead and now it’s coming back. I have hope again. Our talk has reconnected me with the hope for a better me.” -B.C. // Client

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