Woman on Beach

What brings YOU joy? How can you bring more of that good stuff into your life? Right now, in this body? What if this year you focus on shaping your life to fit your body, not shaping your body to fit a life “that is waiting for you”.

Deprivation. The flood of ads in January will have you believe that losing some weight is the fastest and most direct road to “that” happy shiny place. We don’t intentionally set out to deprive ourselves. Is the road to peace and joy really paved with deprivation?

Intentions. Generally a new year’s resolution is intended to expand life. To bring focus and effort towards creating to more joy, peace and happiness, in some form, for the next 12 months. What will expand your joy in 2017?

Values. I’m thinking there are things you would rather be doing instead of counting points and calories. Consider the time, effort, mental and spiritual investment it takes to diet.

Expansion. What if the most direct path was, well…do more of what already brings you joy? What if it was that simple, that what you focus on expands? Missing out on joyful experiences because you’re controlling or afraid of food?

Lisa Kehler

The gnawing hunger became relentless but what I needed wasn’t in the fridge. All was not well, and when I turned a deaf ear my spirit started signaling me through my belly.

I didn’t know how to listen back then, mostly because when I did, the feelings were too uncomfortable and I didn’t know how to deal with them. I started using cake, chocolate and various other edible numbing agents instead. It took lots of cake and suffering before I was ready to accept that it wasn’t about food.

Chronic dieting had been the perfect set-up for binge eating. Emotional eating repeatedly without investigation into the emotions driving the eating had trained my brain that the shortest path to emotional peace was eating. And because of the dieting, that took the form of every food and beverage I would deprive myself of for the week or two before the binge.

Holiday and Social Eating

I nodded politely but my mind was on diet math and fantasizing about 5 minutes alone with the butter tarts. Famished, my control slipping I would start to question my strategy of “saving all my points and calories today” to offset holiday drinks and dinner. On paper it should work but it never did.

Where there’s food there’s fun! Really? That’s not how I felt when I was trapped on the diet rollercoaster. I was terrified of gaining any weight and didn’t feel I could “control” mysefl. Where there was food there was fear. Sugary, fatty forbidden foods I dreamed of… everywhere.

Would you put up with feeling like this in any other relationship? Move on…Write your own page-turner about BRIGHT new beginnings!

Chapter 1: Sexy dieting is but a flash-in-the pan.

”I’m sorry diet but this relationship isn’t working for me. I don’t see us long term, there’s too much drama and heartbreak. You’re sexy and full of promises about the things we’ll do in the future but I want to live now. This rollercoaster on and off again relationship just isn’t for me anymore.