Lisa Kehler

I’m Lisa Kehler, Wellcoaches® Health and Wellness Coach and Registered Dietitian of 20 years. I am also a licensed Am I Hungry® Mindful Eating Facilitator.

I live in Winnipeg Canada, land of beautiful summers… where thunderstorms, farmer’s markets, trail walks, cycling and of course the plethora of local eats are some of my favorite things. Yoga, journaling, meditating, cooking, reading and chocolate keep me balanced (mostly!). But I must admit I have a Netflix problem and my favorite breakfast is leftover dessert.

I love to laugh with friends over wine or dark beer (nachos still scare me a little). Loud family dinners make my heart smile. My little niece (fierce lover of Grandma’s cookies, apples, sushi and anything that starts with “gummy”) always reminds me of the joy in eating food. Just food. Not points, calories or carbs.

And I love my work. My clients amaze me daily and I feel privileged to work with each and every one of them. Dieting, disordered eating and chopping vegetables cost me much time, energy and adventures and prevented me from really enjoying life. The silver lining in this painful journey is the unexpected gift of working with incredible women who are finding their own path to food and dieting freedom.

If you want to know how I came out of the dark side of dieting and discovered mindful eating and my new passion please read my personal story!

Clients speak about Lisa Kehler - Testimonials

“She compassionately, with brilliant insightfulness uses her many years of intense studies and practices, to masterfully coach you through the life changing awareness and knowledge of Mindful eating practices. This becomes an intuitive, life balancing way to healthfully nourish our body, mind and ultimately spirit. Lisa is a master at this delicate art.” -M.C. // Client

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